Trego & McMenamy - GARDEN FORTRESS

Trego & McMenamy: Garden Fortress

Solo keyboardist Chad Trego and long time friend Jamie McMenamy had intermittently jammed together for years, but not until now have they actually made their efforts public. 

“Trego & McMenamy”, as they are aptly known on this album, are a duo of unorthodox keyboards and psychedelic guitar, respectively. With neither musician taking a contemporary approach to their instrument, the collaborative effort of their release of “Garden Fortress” is a profoundly punctuating moment in psychedelic rock.

Friends since teenagers, both musicians have banded together to form this riveting, driving, and infectious style of music. With keyboardist Chad Trego providing funky bass, driving guitar and synth solos on his keyboard while guitarist Jamie McMenamy produces flowing synth passages and infuses a mosaic of rousing percussion, both artists cross so many lines that they ultimately perform the work of a full rock ensemble. With an approach like that, they will undoubtedly get the listener dancing physically and mentally.

Whether you call it Psychedelic Rock, Space Funk, or PsychoFunk, it will still shoot you to somewhere and make you forget about time. You may never be the same again!

Chad Trego